“Where’s the chocolate?”

I found myself reaching for the chocolate. It had been a long day and I started thinking of something sweet. Wait for it…. instead, I opened the fridge and went for a healthy snack. Yes, I shocked myself too ☺

It wasn’t until later on in the day that I realized what the magic ingredient was. Any guesses from your side? Willpower? Bad conscience? No chocolate in the house?

Nope, none of them – It was sleep. I had slept really well the night before and was well-rested. That was the magic ingredient. It reminded me of what Danna Levy Hoffmann shared at our Emotional Eating workshops – how sleep plays such a big role for your eating habits.

We all know that sleep is important. It’s where we regenerate, process and digests the day before. When you are well-rested, things work out more smoothly, you have a clearer head, make better decisions and you are probably kinder to yourself and others. Still many of us don’t get as much sleep as our bodies would like.

It’s still a bit hit and miss in our household. We know the principles of having a regular bedtime, not being on screens right up to the bed, decompressing with a bath, having a routine, etc. Perhaps there’s still a bit of a kid in us that wants to stay up and make the most of the day. 

Well, we know the principles and ironically, we’d probably do it more if we were well-rested