What? Only 6000 steps?

I looked at my step counter and was shocked to see my daily average number of steps taken around 6000. In the lockdown, my step count was easily averaging 10000 steps a day. More steps are taken in lockdown than when out – how ironic is that?

Whilst in lockdown, I was taking a daily walk whilst my son rode his bike. We would do laps around the building and it became a daily ritual for us to have a bit of fresh air and time outside. Although it was a short distance, we lapped it so many times that I regularly hit my daily goal of 10K.

So what happened? Lockdown eased, my son went back to school and myself back to the home office. There was no longer a walk automatically scheduled in anymore. It reminded me that if it is a priority, it needs to be factored into the calendar if it is going to happen. I found myself preferring to use the walk “time” to work instead.  With reflection, it wasn’t the walk that had to happen but some form of daily exercise that was important. 

Once I realized that the number of steps on my watch didn’t matter so much. Instead, I organized myself to join training programs 3 times a week and follow a small daily workout program. That is my new measure instead of counting the number of steps.

What do you want to measure?