It’s good to know what you want and sometimes it’s also good to know what you don’t want.

Ever since the lockdown, I’ve been working most Saturdays writing my blogs and even though the lockdown has eased up, somehow I’m still working Saturdays. We sort of drifted into it and it has continued.  I don’t mind working as I love what I do, but I noticed my family is missing having me around to spend family time together.

My family is one of the most important things to me so that’s enough just knowing that they are missing me for me to want to change something and see what I can do.

Whilst my workday is shorter due to a new school schedule, I realised that I need to be a bit stricter with what goes into my work calendar. Of course, it goes without saying that client sessions take top priority but I realise that I need to factor in blogging time earlier on in the week. Otherwise, things crop up and I end up finishing off on Saturday.

So sometimes we don’t realise what it is we don’t want until it gets too much. That’s why having a good honest conversation with yourself and those around you is important. This could be for your family, your friends or colleagues.

Have a think about what you don’t want anymore and do something about it, even if it’s something small, that’s already a start.