I realise there’s a little rebel in me. On the whole, I follow the rules but occasionally I like breaking them. Maybe saying breaking them is too strong, maybe I should say I like things done differently, I don’t always follow the norm. 

I’ve had a few entrepreneur friends tell me that I don’t need to blog so much and rather that I should blog once a month with longer posts so Google picks them up. Currently, at 240-word blogs, they go under Google’s radar which means that new people don’t see them as easily. At the start of my blogging, I gave myself this word limit because I had committed to doing it for 100 days and this made it feel doable. I also wanted to get consistent with blogging and a daily schedule suited me.

As I approach the 400 blog mark, I’ve been seriously reflecting on how to continue, whether to continue writing the short blogs or switch to longer weekly or monthly ones. I asked some of my clients what they thought and they said they liked the short ones because they didn’t take much time to read, they liked that they got to the point I was making quickly. Some said that if I had longer ones, I could go more in-depth which would also be good.

I thought about it from my own point of view and realized that it’s probably going to be harder for me to write only once a month. What topic would I pick? How long should it be? Etc, etc. There’s also a lot more pressure to get 1 blog post a month that is really really great. 

There’s so much I want to share, short stories here and there that may help my clients, where would they go? Social media feels too fleeting at times and I want them to stay on my site. Plus, I enjoy writing, it’s my form of expression. 

I’ll be honest, there’s the risk that if I stop writing daily blogs, I won’t write any blogs at all. It’s not unheard of for bloggers to stop once they change their schedule. I certainly don’t want that to happen.

So I will write at least one longer blog post a month and continue with my mini-blog posts until further notice.