Years ago, some friends were buying a property. It was a rather special setup as the sellers were redeveloping their property and decided to sell a part of their house. It was in a sought after part of town so it was in demand. The sellers decided to interview some of the potential buyers since they would be neighbours.

My friends really wanted this place. They put their heads together and thought about what they could do to stand out. They had great ideas for the place and decided to put it all together in a PowerPoint presentation, showing who they were, their background and their plans. The sellers were not expecting this and were taken aback by how prepared they were. They were clearly impressed because they sold the property to my friends. 

I loved hearing this story because it showed my friends went the extra mile. They didn’t just rock up to the interview hoping for the best. They put in the effort, thought and preparation. Had they not gotten the place, I can imagine themselves thinking that they had done their best, given their all and it was ok. Fortunately, it worked out for them. 

There are many places you can go the extra mile. It often depends on how much or how hard you want something. When you can say that you have given your all, that’s what counts, even more than the actual outcome sometimes.

Where can you go the extra mile?