Have you ever watched the credits of a movie? The list is often like a short movie in itself. It always amazes me how many people work on a film. The film is just a couple of hours long but often years of work has gone into it. What you see are the actors but there’s so much more behind the scenes.

It got me thinking about how many people have played a part in our own lives. There are the obvious players like our parents, teachers, family, friends, then there’s the cameo parts like the sweetshop shopkeeper, a football coach in secondary school, a neighbour at university. So many people touch our lives in some way. Then there’s the influence we have from the books we read, the podcasts we listen to and the movies we watch, how we are influenced by people that we may never meet.

Many go unacknowledged. At the end of our lives, imagine at your funeral a list of credits rolling, I’m sure it would be as long, if not even longer than a movie’s list. You’ve hopefully been on the earth for a long time by then.

We affect every person’s life we touch, be it fleeting or more significant and we can often decide what type of role we want to play in their movie. 

Who is on your credits? Whose credits are you on?