I recently gave a webinar on overcoming procrastination to a large financial institution and one of the things I talked about was handling overwhelm. I find a lot of my own happiness relates to how my expectations are being met.


Many of us have long Todo lists. Let’s say you have 38 things on your list and you manage to do 6 that day. You look at the list and feel sad and frustrated that the list isn’t coming down as you would like. You might feel at the end of the day that you’ve got nothing done even though you got 6 things checked off.


Now instead, if you chose three tasks you wanted to get done for the day and worked on these. You managed to finish these and get another 3 extra tasks done, the same six tasks, how do you think you would feel? Probably happy and proud of yourself.


What I love about this is that it’s the same six tasks, yet in one scenario, you’re feeling annoyed and in the other happy. Which goes to show that to a certain extent, you can choose your reaction. Like most people, I prefer to feel happy and proud at the end of the day, so why not look at the expectations you have for yourself and what you want to achieve.


Start using these simple productivity techniques to get more done. What are your three tasks for today?