They were very helpful until we bought the bike and then they weren’t so helpful anymore”


We have been looking to buy a cargo bike to take our little boy to school so have been testing bikes. We asked a neighbor if we could try theirs out and asked them about the shop they had bought theirs from. We had already tested a bike from this shop and the seller had been very helpful. When our neighbor told us that they hadn’t been happy with the service they received after they had bought the bike, it got us thinking about whether to buy from them.


Word of mouth is so powerful. Had our neighbor said that they were super happy with the shop, we probably would have gone ahead and bought the bike that same week and stopped looking. This comment seeded a thread of doubt in our minds and we started looking for alternative shops.


We found another seller, went to see them and was impressed by what they offered and how they approached us. We had a good impression and decided to go with this seller instead. They were selling the same bike as the other seller.


It’s not the first time I have heard of such occurrences. It goes to show that it’s important to give good impressions in all interactions with your business. This applies if you work in a company too. The ideal would be to have people being ambassadors of us, our products and services.