“It is” I replied to my husband :-). 11 years ago, my husband and I said yes to marrying each other. It’s incredible to think where the time has gone. Our lives were quite different back then and so much has happened in the last decade.

We’ve been through starting companies, changing jobs, welcoming a child, losing a parent, travels, jumping out of a plane and more together. My husband explained to me why he said that 11 years is bigger than 10 because it might sound like an obvious statement. He said that we often celebrate the big round milestones, like the 5, 10, 15-year mark but it’s even better to celebrate those in-between.

It’s celebrating getting through the tough as well as the good times. My husband and my values are very similar but we are very different people, sometimes I say we’re like chalk and cheese. It’s the everyday challenges that we get through together that are really worth something, keeping the communication channels open, talking things through and being open to understand each other’s perspective.

The last year, like for many people, was probably the most challenging one we have ever faced together, so yes 11 years is bigger than 10 in our world. We went to celebrate this anniversary at the restaurant we had our wedding lunch and it brought back wonderful memories.

Let’s celebrate all that we can. 🙂