Last week, I spoke about not buying a bike from a company because we had heard that they hadn’t been helpful in their aftersales services. (1)


As we received our new bike from the new seller, I shared why we had bought from their company instead. He said that the bike industry can be a tough one to be in and he said he wouldn’t be surprised if people said that about his company too as customers would ask for things they had already been informed of and could be impatient with the waiting times.


He gave the example that when the weather starts turning in April, all of a sudden everyone wants their bike serviced and sometimes clients would get upset with the long waiting time. He suggested we service our bike regularly in the latter part of the year.


It reminded me that there are always two sides to any story, possibly more depending on the number of people involved. As someone who provides a service, I feel it’s important to be polite and helpful no matter what the circumstances are, perhaps explaining what is going on so that the clients understand too.


There are companies like Zappos (2) who are famous for building their brand on providing exceptionally great customer service. Their ultimate goal is to make their clients happy.


Every interaction with a client is an opportunity to make the most of it.




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