“You’re so stupid, I can’t believe you just did that”


Have you ever said something like this to yourself? Maybe you tell yourself you’re clumsy, forgetful, always late, whatever it is that bothers you. I don’t know about you but if I say something like this to myself, I often start believing it, so I’ve stopped doing that J


We wouldn’t take such comments from a friend or they wouldn’t be friends with us for very long so why do we take it from ourselves? By doing this, you may find yourself noticing more of the same. You do something else that bothers you and you say to yourself “See, you’re doing it again, you’re so stupid”. It may even start to increase the behavior you dislike. It’s certainly not helping your self-esteem or self-image.


Start being kinder to yourself and say things that boost you rather than bring you down, like “I love being on time”, “I am proud of myself”, “I am fit and healthy”.


I was speaking to a communication coach for my little boy and he recommended a MotivAider (1). I had not heard of this before so looked it up. It’s a timer that prompts you by sending you a “wobble vibration”. You pick a message that reminds you of what you would like to change. When you feel this vibration, you automatically think that message. The repetitive thought helps you make the change.


So let’s keep those repetitive thoughts positive!