An old friend messaged our friend channel saying that he found himself fumbling through with the help of google every time he had to use regex (it’s IT speak for regular expressions that are used to search text). He said he thought about making it into a game to learn it properly and found that it’s already been done. Someone had built a crossword game to teach it to people. (1)


How brilliant! I checked it out and even though I’m not interested in learning regex, I started the beginner crossword and enjoyed it, surprising myself. Well, I shouldn’t be so surprised because I like games. Human beings tend to like to do things that are fun and avoid things that are boring.


This is what is so great about games. You are having fun and LEARNING! Double bonus points. So you are can learn about buying and selling in Monopoly, a new language in Duo Lingo, how to type using Mavis Beacon. I have the game Cashflow 101 developed by Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad author) which teaches how to invest and simple finance skills. Some friends from Toastmasters made a public speaking game Rhetoric so people could improve their speaking skills. (2) And that’s just to name a few.


What would you like to get better at or learn? Find a way to make it into a game. If it’s not already been created, why not create it yourself.