“I’m protecting you”

There are parts of us that come into our lives to protect us and they often do that because of an experience we have had as a child.

Sometimes it’s from the schoolyard because we have been picked upon or it could easily be from home too. I was working with someone recently who had been bullied when she was 6 years old and a part came in to look after her. The part made her feel smaller, stopped her from taking up space, and did not stand out so she wouldn’t be noticed by the girl.


The issue was, the person now as an adult, wanted to stand out and be visible with her business and this part was still keeping her small. When she understood where this part came from and what it was trying to do, we were able to work with the part of her and let it go.


It may seem a bit strange that there are different parts of us doing different roles but think back to a time where you might have said to yourself “A part of me wants to do this and another part doesn’t” and it might not feel like such a foreign concept anymore.


Are there any parts of you that are holding you back? When you become conscious of them and know why they are there, you can start to change their role in your life.