When I worked for a bank, the term “going permie” meant that you had gotten a permanent contract having been a contractor beforehand.


As some companies extend the home working setup to the end of the year or even to next year and others require just a fraction of the people to come into the office on various days, home working is going permie.


I hear of people leaving the cities to work from the country, others upgrading their internet connections, some seeing new opportunities they hadn’t considered before like work in other countries and many suddenly understand why good office chairs cost so much.


Since my husband started working from home, we both preferred the office space so would take it in turns whilst the other “floated”. We always thought, like many, that this would be a temporary solution. Whilst it worked, now it’s time to find a more fixed setup for both of us if this is how it is going to be in the longer run.


We’ve all had a few months to get used to the setup and have made changes along the way but imagine it was here to stay forever, how would that change things? Forever is a long time and even if it’s not really going to be forever, it’s a good way to make you think more seriously about it.


If your home office is going permie, what adjustments would you like to make?