Have you ever felt something was really hard until you crossed some sort of hurdle and then it just seemed easier?

I can recall a few situations in my life where this happened and they followed a similar pattern.

One was when I was studying for the German B2 exam and I was struggling with it. I asked my husband to only speak to me in German for a month. Boy was I tired and certainly quieter than my usual self as my brain was processing it. This intensive month helped me cross some sort of hurdle and besides passing the B2 exam, it gave me something else. It gave me the confidence to pick up the phone and speak in German, something I had hesitated with beforehand.

Another time was with swimming, I only learnt as an adult and certainly didn’t feel very confident in the water. There was one holiday where we were staying at a hotel which had a pool. I decided to go down every morning and do a certain number of laps in the pool. It was only a week-long but this intensity brought me much further than I could ever have imagined. It gave me the confidence to swim even if my feet couldn’t touch the bottom of the pool.

Sometimes immersing yourself totally for some intense and dedicated sessions can help you cross a hurdle.

What hurdle would you like to cross?