Er…What do you mean I’m not a finisher? I finish stuff. I finish my Netflix series. I finish my chocolate bar. See I finish Stuff.

Ok, I’m joking around a bit but no one can say you don’t finish things. So you’re not finishing the stuff you want to finish, as your thesis, report, or website.

Well, this stuff isn’t as exciting as the latest Netflix series or as tasty as that chocolate bar so how can we make it so? What are the transferable skills here?

Let’s start by telling yourself that you can finish things. Let’s break the work up into batches like episodes and let’s end them on a good note, where you’re eager to work on it again. Like when you want to hit the next episode button but you stop yourself because it’s way past your bedtime.

How can we make it as tasty as chocolate? This is the reward. For every section you complete, you get a square of your favourite chocolate. How’s that sound? You might have to divide up the squares beforehand so you’re not tempted to gobble it down in one go.

So I am playing a bit here but want you to see that if you do finish something, you can see what helped you get there. See if you can make your less fun tasks more fun.

Remember, you’re a finisher.