“Sit down Mummy”

I dutifully sat down as my little boy put on our big blue oven gloves and removed the bowl from the microwave and placed it safely on the table.

He’s 5 and lately, he’s been wanting to help out in the kitchen. He wants to do everything from stirring sauce to chopping cucumber to heating things up. We got him some children friendly knives and we keep a close eye on him since there’s heat and sharp things around. He’s not tall enough to reach the microwave so he pushes a chair near to reach.

I love seeing him stepping up and doing the things he wants to do. Recently we had a little 4-year-old boy visit us and we were out in the playgrounds near us. They were running along and as they approached a road, I shouted that he should stop by the edge of the pavement. I saw my son’s little arm reach out to stop the younger boy from going into the road. Wow, I had a moment of mummy proudness as he stepped up to look after someone else.

We‘re not always ready for everything we want to do but I would like to take a leaf out of my son’s book and try things out. Keep trying, learning, and pushing the limits. It’s only through doing that we get better at something.

If something is currently out of your reach, grab a chair, and step up.