“Happy Birthday tooooo youuuuu!”

It’s one of the best days of the year, it’s your birthday. Not only do you get new toys, but you’re also excited to have a birthday party. Your parents are preparing all the food you love, there’s pizza, crisps, smarties, cupcakes, cookies and not to forget a big chocolate cake. Your friends arrive and give you lots of presents and all the attention is on you as they sing happy birthday! You bask at the moment, loving every second of it.

Now imagine this with all the occasions we have surrounding food, visiting family, day trips, holidays, and think about the massive imprint food has had on you.

Fast forward some years, you’ve had a tough day at work, you’re exhausted, you’re feeling a bit lonely and to top it all, it’s raining. You collapse on the sofa, you’re too tired to cook so what do you do? You order a pizza in. It’s delicious, warm, and comforting. You finish it and then you raid the cupboards for chocolate or cookies. Anything will do as long as it’s sweet.

For a moment you’re content. You’re reminded of good times where you weren’t alone, with loved ones, celebrating, and feeling happy. It’s no wonder so many resorts to eating when we are feeling emotional.

By understanding how and what we associate with food, we can start to see our own patterns and by recognizing these, we can start to change them.

What do you associate emotional eating with?

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