Many people know of the benefits of a co-working space. It’s particularly useful for people that work by themselves as it gives them space away from home, giving work like environment amongst other business owners where you can exchange ideas.


In these Covid times, many solopreneurs work from home. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated so one of the things I recommend to my clients is to find someone or others to co-work within a virtual environment. That means meeting up for a certain time period on Zoom or another tool to work on your own projects with the others in the background.


I’ve used this myself and found it very helpful. It’s useful in a number of ways. First, as a verbal processor, in the beginning, I speak about what I am working on and what I need help with. Often by speaking about it, the solution presents itself. The rest of the time we work on our own stuff, normally in silence. Second, it’s great for accountability, since I said I was working on a certain topic, it’s unlikely for me to work on something else plus someone is watching me if I decide to stray ;-). Third, it’s a defined time period to work together so I know a certain amount of time has been put towards this work.


This works for all sorts of business and private projects that you may find yourself procrastinating over. Find a friend, set a time period, and let each of you commit to working on something and before you know it, you’ll have gotten further.


What could you work on in a virtual co-working space?