We are often our own ideal clients.

I have come across many coaches and therapists who work with what they have been through. It makes sense because you have both the experience and the empathy for your clients. You get what they are going through and can relate.

My father is a fountain of chinese proverbs and sometimes he reminds me that “you don’t feel pain until the needle is stuck in you” meaning that when it’s happening to someone else, you don’t feel the pain but when something happens to you, you feel it … for sure. It reminds me to be empathetic for the things people are going through. How would I feel if I was in such a situation?

People’s businesses evolve as they work through their challenges. What was probably very interesting for them at one point may no longer be relevant. I know this for myself, when I launched my last business to help people discover new skills, hobbies and passions, I was also at that stage in my life, looking for what I was passionate about.

As my own interests developed, I also evolved, moving onto helping people overcome procrastination and now in addition, I would like to help people to think bigger. I’ve noticed that when I start thinking bigger, things that I would have procrastinated on before hold less weight.

What are you going through and working with?