One of the things I am most proud of from my work in my last company was being able to donate over CHF 2K to Theodora Foundation (1) from a large event, Curious Courses Day.

I found that it helped drive me in my business, acting like a carrot for me, knowing that I was able to make a small difference in some childrens’ lives.

Ever since I have been paying myself a salary with my own company, I have continued this tradition of tithing, donating 10% annually to charities that involve children and education.

Like most people, I want to contribute (2) in some way. At the time of writing, I know I don’t want to or need to create my own charity or setup my own school because there are plenty of people doing an amazing job. My hat off and kudos to them.

What I can do is help out financially, even though it’s small. Maybe this year, I can buy some pens for a classroom, next year some books, it adds up and makes a difference.

Last year, I contributed to a few charities. There were two charities founded by people I know in Zurich, Rainbows4children (3) with Max and Kathryn Robinson and Ethiopian Enterprises (4) with Lesley Stephenson, both helping children in Ethiopia. I also donated to Andre Agassi Foundation (5) after reading his autobiography Open (6) and learning about his work in education.

How can you contribute?


1) Theodora Foundation
2) Tony Robbins: The 6 basic needs that make us tick.
3) Rainbows 4 Children Foundation
4) Ethiopian Enterprises Foundation
5) Agassi Foundation
6) Open by Andre Agassi