Want to make extra sure you get something done?

Promise your child you’ll do it. If you don’t have children, who would you not want to upset or disappoint? It could be your spouse, your parents, a sibling, or a friend.

Kids tend to have good memories so they’ll hold you to it. You’ll have these big eyes looking at you so be careful what you say. It’s hard to back off from doing something once you have made such a commitment.

This method has some teaching elements too. It shows them that they can trust you. If they can trust you with the small day to day things, then they can also trust you with the bigger things. It also shows them that they are important and that they are valued.

There’s also the classic notion that kids don’t do what you say, they do what you do. So if you follow through with your promises, you show them that that is what is done.

I’ve been meaning to celebrate achievement and thought a day out to a funfair would be a fitting reward for the family. Whilst you may think that this is an easy one to follow through on, I knew I had to set a date and not keep postponing it.  I promised my son we would go and he is so excited. How could I go back on that?

What could you promise to do?