“You organize the movie, you the dinner and you the snacks”

Recently a participant at one of our workshops shared a wonderful way to engage her children. She said that each of them got to organize a part of the family evening together. I thought it was a wonderful way to share the load and responsibility. It gives everyone an opportunity to express themselves and be creative in their own way.

A lot of the time, the cooking or entertainment falls on one member of the family. Given the pandemic, there’s been a lot more cooking done at home so it’s good to spread the load amongst the family wherever possible.

Everyone benefits from such a setup because fresh new ideas are constantly being brought to the table. This can inspire others as well to become more creative themselves.

Given that the Christmas season is just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to get everyone involved. Perhaps someone can be responsible for decorations. Another for the apero, starter, main or dessert. Then there’s always the games and entertainment.

There’s a lot of lessons to be learnt here. For the new ones, there’s responsibility and for the ones that normally do everything, it’s an opportunity to let go. It may not be what you expect so it’s a chance to broaden your horizon and chill out too.

Where and when can you share the action?