“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…. duh duh duh durrr duh….»

I had forgotten the words to this classic Christmas song. So I started humming the tune.

When my little boy started humming the same, a thought flashed through my mind. What other bad habits, besides out of tune humming, is he picking up from me? In this day and age of the internet, it would be easy to find the lyrics. A quick google sorted me out.

However, when I started singing the lyrics, my son continued with the humming, despite me now knowing the words. Sometimes bad habits are hard to unlearn. Just imagine how much stuff our kids pick up from us which we have in turn picked up from our parents and them from theirs. It boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

Whilst this may be an innocent and harmless one to pick up, it’s a reminder for us to think about what we are passing on. You often hear in families the phrase “That’s how we’ve always done it”, or “Granny did it this way” and although some things may not make sense,  we don’t question why.

What kind of beliefs, thoughts, or traditions are you passing on? These beliefs can be around money, work, relationships, family, and more. When you are conscious about them, you can then choose to pass them on or not.

I don’t want bad humming passed along thanks to me. How about you?