“I acknowledge myself for….“ – Complete the sentence.

When you look back over the year, it’s easy to think about the things you didn’t get round to or didn’t finish. It can be tempting to start this and then end the sentence with “but I didn’t manage to do X, Y or Z”. Let’s not do that – let’s look at what you can acknowledge yourself for and only that.

I know people that are launching new businesses and managing to keep things at home running. Those that have published their first book and looked after an ageing parent at the same time.  Others who have gotten healthy this year with better food and exercise. There’s a lot to acknowledge.

I acknowledge myself for being consistent with blogging, running workshops, partnering up with colleagues, helping people achieve their goals, supporting the family in different ways. I also acknowledge myself for getting serious with looking after my health by eating more healthily, doing regular exercise, stretching more, and attending classes.

Once you get started, it becomes easier to acknowledge how far you have come.  It’s a lot more empowering and motivating.

Look back over your year and see what you can acknowledge yourself for. I bet you have lots of things on your list that you can be very proud of. I would love to hear from you and celebrate with you too.

What do you acknowledge yourself for?