Have you ever wished you had your own advisory board? Where you could turn to for advice or support? In essence, that’s what a mastermind group is. A group of people who mutually share their ideas, contacts, knowledge and experience to help one another move forward.

Everyone has time to present what they would like help with. The other members think about how they can help, open up their network, provide accountability, share their own past experiences in such matters. All concentrate on helping the person forward.

Edson Williams and I run the Flip the Script mastermind group and the members are working on their projects in there. We have different projects ranging from a new sustainable business showing people how they can grow their own food, someone writing their first book, another producing beautiful pieces of art, a business owner wanting to become more visible and attract clients, someone running a new school to innovative film projects.

People join for different reasons. Some join for the coaching that Edson and I provide. Some join to be surrounded by creative like-minded people that are positive, optimistic and supportive. Others join for accountability, knowing that it is easier for them to get things done when they have deadlines and people expecting them to show up.

The Flip the Script mastermind group is open to new members every 3 months. The next one will start on the 6th May 2021. If you would like to move your project forward, schedule a call with me here.