My friend: “What’s the best thing about your new phone?”

Me: “The way it responds. I no longer have to wait 5 or 10 seconds for it to do anything.”

My friend: “Wait, what phone did you use to have?”

Me: “An iPhone 6s”

My friend: “Ahhhhh”

I am in love with my new phone. It was time to do an upgrade of my phone as it was a bit overdue. I went for a new iPhone 12 Pro and I am loving it.

I had a stack of paper on my desk that I had been meaning to file electronically for a while but I just couldn’t face it with my old phone. It would have taken me way too long. I opened up Evernote and started scanning. With this new phone, I did it in the afternoon and it felt fantastic to have it off my desk. I kept telling my husband, had I known, I would have bought it earlier.

I just have a few working documents on my desk at the moment and whenever I pay an invoice or finish up with something, I pick up my phone and scan. Then off the paper goes in the bin. Done and dusted.

When you have the right tools, things go so much quicker. It’s the difference between cutting a tree with a blunt saw or a sharp one.

Do you have the right tools to get things done?

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