“Put it in your calendar”

Most productivity coaches will say if you want something done, schedule it in your calendar. Great idea! You start plastering things in the calendar. Then what happens?

The time comes… a calendar reminder pops up.

And goes. Something more important is on your plate so you ignore the reminder and you forget what you scheduled. What do you tell yourself? I’ll do it next time.

Has this ever happened to you?

Honest answer – Yes. I’ve ignored calendar reminder todos too.

Last Monday, I had one of those reminders pop up for some publicity work I wanted to explore. It had the potential to fall by the wayside and not get done. This time, I foresaw this possibility and wrote a little note in the calendar entry. It was “Research Media Sites – And Do it, Selina”. It was a simple reminder but it worked. I didn’t brush over it, I took note and did what I had to do and I was proud of myself for doing it.

I recommend going through your calendar and taking out all reminders that you do not do. There’s no point in having them if you don’t use them. Think carefully about those that you do put in. Try writing a little note to yourself, like a mini pep talk getting yourself in the right mood.

What are you going to put on your calendar?