Someone asked me what a virtual assistant (VA) is, so I will take the opportunity to explain. It’s someone who works for you remotely taking on “odd” jobs.

I’ve hired a number of virtual assistants (1) in the past helping me with technical website help, video production, course postings, etc.

My last VA came from the Philipines and she was brilliant. She found a full time job otherwise I would still be working with her. In my old company, she helped me create course posts on my websites and drafted the text. She also created the templates for my old newsletter. She performed some research tasks as well.

I know other entrepreneurs who hire a lot of VAs, running online summits, social media campaigns, Facebook ads, etc, so whatever can be delegated can be given to a VA.

Where do you find VAs? One way is to ask fellow entrepreneurs if their VAs have any capacity. This is a good way to find someone that’s tried and tested. There are many sites out there that where you can find VAs. A couple that I have used are upwork.com (freelance work) and onlinejobs.ph (VAs from the Philippines).

It does take some time to find a good VA and train them. You may need to try out a few different people to see who works best for you. Once you find a good VA, they are worth their weight in gold. Happy hunting!


1) Zapier has a good introduction to hiring VAs or automating tasks if you are not ready to hire yet.