“Get your calendar out and let’s set a date”

My husband’s cousin’s family have been visiting us this weekend from Sweden. It’s been wonderful hanging out with them visiting Stoos, pottering around Zurich town and boat tripping to Rapperswil. They were last here 9 years ago for our wedding. We are in Sweden every year and we often talked about them coming to visit but it didn’t happen for 9 years.

What changed? This summer, we said “Let’s set a date”. With a date, the trip became more real. It wasn’t an idea floating around anymore. It had an anchor. Suddenly we were thinking about flights and itineraries. It became very real.

We can do the same in our businesses. If there is something we want to offer like a webinar, group program, a course, a retreat, it’s time to set a date. It’s a deadline to work towards, things start falling into place, its form starts to take shape and it happens.

I set the dates for 2 group programs I will be launching in January 2019. One will be for entrepreneurs who want to think bigger in their business and one will be for professionals who want to think bigger, progressing their career or setting up a side business. They will both be 6 week programs from 9th January – 20th February. More details to follow. If you are interested, save the dates ☺

Want something to happen? Set a date.