It all started with a 100-day challenge on the 11th of September 2018. I didn’t know what would happen but here we are at the blog post number 500 so I thought I’d share some of my learnings.

1. I enjoy writing

I had an inkling that I enjoyed writing otherwise I wouldn’t have started with the challenge but over time, I grew to enjoy it even more. I enjoy sharing stories that have inspired me, things that have helped me and short musings from what’s going on. I often tell my clients to find the best way to express themselves and it’s good to try different mediums to find the one that best suits them.

2. Learning the skill of consistency

In my last business, I wrote 16 blog posts in 8 years, so two a year! I would question the topic, ponder and procrastinate. After reading about Moderators and Abstainers from Gretchen Rubin (1), I saw myself as an Abstainer (all or nothing type) and understood that it was easier for me to do something every day rather than once in a while. If you would like to get consistent in an area, build it up slowly.

3. Making it easier for myself

I work with a virtual assistant (VA) supporting me with distributing the blogs. When I first started, I would spend a lot of time writing each blog then putting it out on different social media platforms. It was not efficient at all. Instead, I started batch writing my blogs, writing 4 the week before ready for the week after. My VA could then put it onto my website, schedule it on social media and put them in my newsletter. I had a deadline of Saturday evening to get it done. Once these measures were in place, it was much easier.

4. Staying in contact with people

I love that when I speak to people, they often say things like “I’ve read some of your blog posts” They often follow up with “Not all of them, but some of them”. I always smile because I wouldn’t expect anyone to read every single one of them but it’s nice to hear that they read some of them.

5. Be kind to myself

Some blog posts are easier to write than others. Some almost write themselves. Sometimes I question if some are good enough to put out. They’re not perfect and that’s totally ok. That’s the thing with life, some people will love whatever I put out and others will hate whatever I put out. My philosophy is that if one of my blog posts can help just one person, then I’m happy. 500 blogs in, I am a lot kinder to myself.

Where would you like to develop? I highly recommend starting with a 30-day or even a 100-day challenge.