Last year, I was driving around an area I didn’t know so well and all of a sudden, I saw a flash. 

Uhoh – you know what that means. I was fined for driving above 30kph. At the time, I didn’t realise that it was a 30 zone but following that incident, I quickly learnt.

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of white 30 signs painted on roads. Were those signs always there or have I only started noticing them since my fine? I have a feeling they are new. Either way, every time I see one, it gets my attention and they are a good reminder to stay within the limit. 

It got me thinking that I could “paint” reminders for the things I want to do around my flat. Whether that’s exercise, meditation, reading, or something else I want to get into, I can put up some post-it notes or hang some checklists up. I’ve already put some up for my kung fu routines and reading and they are working well. Every time I see them, I am given a little prompt to do something about it for the day.

There can be a downside though – I get so used to seeing them that I no longer see them, so it helps to move them around once in a while.

Is there something you’d like to be prompted to do? 

Paint your own traffic sign.