“Wow, that sounds amazing”

A few weeks ago, my accountability buddy who lives in Iceland was telling me she was going away for a weekend to the south of Iceland and I was in awe.

The conversation went a bit like this:
Me: What about food?
Her: We’ll go to a restaurant.
Me: A restaurant? Are they open?
Her: Yes, they are here.
Me: Wow, that sounds amazing

I recall the conversation with such incredulity. It was as if she was telling me she was going into space or something. It sounded so far out.

We were talking about things that we once took for granted. Things that aren’t as easily accessible as they once were. It’s made me appreciate the everyday stuff and really savour what is possible.

When people say they are going to visit their parents, having not seen them for months, that is a real privilege these days. I look forward to when it is possible to see my parents again in real life and be able to touch them and not just have them 2d on a screen.

I know that as humans we adapt quickly and perhaps things will go back to a similar degree to how they were, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy those moments we get where we have newfound appreciation for things we used to take for granted.

What do you appreciate more now?