“That was so productive”

As we were finalising our 
Defy Aging webinar details, Adrienne locked herself in a room and wrote her blog post. She emerged saying it was incredibly productive. She could then go and spend the rest of the day with her family feeling great knowing she got what she wanted to be done.

It’s amazing what you can get done with silence and a locked room. With no interruptions, no one calling you, no one asking you for anything, just you and a list of tasks to do. 
Sometimes I work on a Saturday and I love those kinds of days where I can lock myself in. Ok, some of you who are in lockdown might not agree with me. That’s because the door is being locked from the other side.

When I get to choose to lock myself in and not the other way round, there’s a big difference.Occasionally I set aside time to do just that. Me, my computer, and my Pomodoro clock, and off we go.

I’m a checkbox ticker off-er. Ever heard of one of those? Someone that gets immense pleasure from being able to make a small tick next to a done task just like this tick . A bit Sad I know :-). Yet I know there are others like me out there.

Do you want to get something done? Lock yourself in a room until it’s done