Does comparison ever help? Good question. What do you think?

My first thought would be to say no because I’ve seen so many people put off by comparing themselves to others and end up feeling like they are not good enough. Others think of situations where they were compared to others as kids and that put them off too.

However, there may be a few situations where it can help. Let’s take when you compare yourself to yourself. Let’s say you have developed, you can be very proud of yourself and how you have grown. If you haven’t developed, then you could use that as a kick up the butt to do something about it if you want.

Another situation is where you actively choose to take the comparison as something to learn from. Let’s take an example. I think I’m pretty good at connecting people, it’s something I do naturally as I think about who would be a good fit and I make introductions. Recently my business mentor Selena Soo bought 300 books to gift her community to support a fellow entrepreneur. She’s a super connector and I am so impressed, they take it to another level with introductions, gifts and support helping their business partners and more. It’s made me want to step up my own game.

Comparing is different when you actively choose to compare rather than have others (like parents or teachers) doing it for you. If you can choose the bigger lesson out of it, then it may help.