“You look exactly the same”

Last week I gave a Defy Aging webinar and as I was writing my part of the webinar, I realised that I had a good belief that supports me. My belief is that Asian people look young. We tend to look younger than we are.

When I meet up with people, sometimes they say I haven’t changed or I look the same as I did years ago. I put a lot of it down to having this belief. It didn’t serve me when I was young and wanted to go clubbing and couldn’t get into the clubs because of how young I looked but now, I’m totally cool with looking younger.

I realised another part of this belief. I would say to people “Yes, Asian people look young and then all of a sudden, they look really old”. Now I can get rid of this “all of a sudden, they look really old” part because it doesn’t serve me.

There is so much we can do to influence our age and a lot of it is the mindset. If I ask you to think about your age now, I’m sure you will think of a ton of things. From how your parents or grandparents aged, what advertising tells you to how we joke about age. It’s possible for us to change our beliefs to those that support us and help us as we grow older.

What beliefs around age do you have?