Have you ever written an email late at night and sent it? Only to find mistakes in it the next morning? I think many of us have. I have to stop myself from sending something at night and only send it the day after when I have had the chance to review it.

It’s the same with any important document, pitch, or presentation that I am working on. When I step away from it and come back at it with fresh eyes, I almost always find something that needs to be changed or I come up with a better way to get my point across. You can do this in different ways. You can print it out and read it on paper. You can change the font. Sit in the kitchen instead of the office and read it. Leave it alone for a bit.

I often use the 4-eye principle as well. This is from my banking days to double-check something. I get my husband or a colleague to review it to make sure it makes sense. Having fresh eyes on something always gives a different perspective. I can then choose whether I wish to change it according to the feedback or not.

If you want a new perspective on something you have been working on, get a set of fresh eyes on the case. Be it your own fresh eyes or someone else’s. Happy reading!