“Let’s rate them”

My husband walked into our recent family offsite feeling a bit despondent. He felt he hadn’t gotten as much as he wanted to be done. Our first insight was that this time he had tried to cram too much in. For example, he had listed 8 subgoals under one category. In the future we would allow up to 3 subgoals per category otherwise it can feel overwhelming.

I suggested we go through them line by line and rate them anyway. So we started. He rated the first few high. As we discussed each point, we realised some were being outsourced already. With the remaining points, although he hadn’t quite finished them, he had already put in a lot of effort, so could still rank them well. Once we took a step back, we realised that he had done a lot in the past 3 months and could give himself a good rank overall. 

He felt a lot better and could plan the next 3 months with more enthusiasm. I’ve noticed that sometimes we dread looking at stuff and can put off even checking where you stand.

It’s one of those situations that once you bite the bullet and you know where you stand, you have a better picture and can do something about it. This time around, my husband kept his 3 goals much simpler making them feel much more doable from the get-go.

Are you putting something off? Do you know where you stand? Do you need support reviewing it?