“I’m doing handstands for orphans”

At our last Show up and Step up program, Edson’s daughter who is 10 years old asked to join the program. We were excited that she wanted to and it was so inspiring to have a younger person attending. The program helps you get to know yourself at a deeper level and what is important for you. One of the biggest outcomes is that it helps you decide on a meaningful mission you want to pursue and take action.

During the program, the other participants said that they wished they had done such work when they were her age. I wish I had too. 

Edson’s daughter decided that her mission would be to help everyone in the world who doesn’t have food or a home to have those things. She said it started from seeing homeless people which made her feel very sad.

She thought about how she could start helping. She’s a talented gymnast and ballerina and she decided that together with friends, she would do handstands in April to raise money for a charity that helps orphans in Goma in the Congo. Hence the hashtag #handstand4goma

She created a GoFundMe page that in just a couple of days managed to raise over GBP 1000. As we speak it’s nearing the GBP 1500 mark. Imagine how much that can help these orphans.

I find Lara’s story so inspiring – it wasn’t just a mission that stayed on paper. She took action and organized something that could contribute to people straight away.

Here’s a short interview with Lara – check it out, please take action and support her on her GoFundMe page where she’s doing handstands for the children in Goma!