Do you ever have days (or weeks) where you don’t fancy doing anything? Or you’re not sure what you are doing when. That was me last week. I had to keep checking my calendar to make sure I hadn’t forgotten something as my mind was full. I had stuff to do – I always have but I just couldn’t keep focused.

I talked to my friend Edson about it and we realised that a lot had been happening. We had just completed the Show-up and Step-up program. It’s always inspiring but also intense both for the participants and us. On reflection, I will factor in downtime after such a program.

The big thing last week weighing on my mind was that my mother-in-law had an accident which required surgery. The whole household was on tenterhooks for the whole week while she went for consultations. Fortunately, she’s had the surgery now, it went well and we can start the recovery process with her. 

This is life right – stuff happens. It’s shown me to make space for such times, take things down a notch and let things be. It’s ok to not feel focused all the time, it’s ok to take some time out to breathe and it’s ok to not do anything. Listening to ourselves and our rhythms is key.

Do you ever have days like this too?