Over Easter, our household had a special guest with long ears visit. The Easter bunny thought he would make both a game and training out of his visit, leaving post-it notes with little chocolate eggs around our flat. The first appeared on our kitchen table asking where he could find carrots.

My husband and I asked our little boy to help us decipher the clues. He was so excited as he went to the fridge and found a little chocolate egg next to another clue. He listened carefully as my husband read the clue out to him. He ran off to find the next egg, happily placing them in his little blue bucket. They were all over the place, under pillows, in his Lego box, in the bathroom and more. He finally found a chocolate bunny hiding behind the printer. That Easter bunny had been busy hiding eggs!

He sat down and carefully peeled the wrappers off the eggs, arranging them around the bunny and sat there admiring his treasure.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. It can be a lot of fun. Think back to how much you learnt playing games and see how gamification has grown in popularity.

How can we add more fun to our own tasks and learning? How can we add more joy to the things we do? Take a leaf out of the Easter bunny book and make it more fun for yourself!