“Your drawings are getting better”

My son had asked me to draw a picture of his Red Duplo train that he loves dearly. I stuck it in front of me and started to draw it as best I could. As he was colouring it in, I was chatting with my dad and showed him. My dad asked if I had drawn it and said “Your drawings are getting better”. I had to laugh as none of our family calls ourselves artists and none of us claim to be able to draw anything.

Every day I am asked to draw something. It could be an elephant, a platypus, a turtle eating a prawn, a muddy, car or even a train being washed with big brushes. At first, I was perplexed but I saw my husband tracing and copying pictures. Small revelation for mankind, big lightbulb moment for Selina. All of a sudden, it was so much easier. I can trace things. That’s something I can definitely do.

With regular requests and sometimes demands plus daily practice, our home is full of such pictures. Drawing is not necessarily something that I would have picked myself but it goes to show that you can improve on anything with regularity. First trace, then copy then freestyle…

Where do you spend your daily practice?