Lately, the topic of self-care keeps showing up for me and that’s normally a sign for me to do something about it. What is self-care in the first place? At its most basic, it means looking after yourself.  

I know people that don’t look after themselves properly or put others’ needs before their own. They often run on spare reserves until it’s too late, running themselves into the ground if they are not careful. 

Self-care means different things to different people. The first thoughts that you may conjure up are spas and wellness retreats but it doesn’t have to be that. First are the basics, the foundation pieces like sleep, exercise, and food. Things that we know about – however, whether we do them or not, are another matter. 

Setting boundaries is another big area of self-care. Instead of defaulting to yes, saying no when you want to say no. It’s important not to let others get away with something that you don’t want. 

Self-care is very individual – it’s not a one-size-fits-all. People need different things. I choose the word “need” purposefully. Some need to be outside in nature, others need alone time. Some need a cave, some a good book or movie. Some need to spend time with their kids or partner, others a good hug.

Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and ask yourself what you need for self-care. What is your self-care? Make time for it.