Have you ever found yourself being envious of anyone? I have. I remember being envious of a friend who was putting herself out there on social media. She seemed to have an amazing knack for it and seemed like a natural. I was envious because putting myself out on social media was hard for me.

Being envious of someone can show you a lot. Firstly, it can show you that comparing yourself to others doesn’t help. We’re all on different journeys so it’s like comparing oranges and apples, they’re both good, they’re different. We may be comparing our starting game to someone’s middle or end game, like comparing my kindergarten knowledge of maths to someone’s high school or even PhD level of maths – it doesn’t make sense to compare.

Another thing it can show you is an unfulfilled want of yours or an area you would like to develop. It’s highlighting an itch that you would like to scratch. Once you become aware of this, then you can take a step back and think objectively about how you could meet this want or develop this area.

If you find yourself envious of someone, start by acknowledging and accepting that you are envious. You can then thank them (you don’t have to literally) for teaching you something about yourself. The more we learn about ourselves, the better.

Are you envious of anyone and if so, why and what can you learn from it?