“Don’t bother buying it, he doesn’t like it.”

We were in the supermarket and my little boy wanted to buy cereal. He had put a box of cereal that we had had in the house before in our basket. Last time, he had tried one mouthful and hadn’t touched the rest, which resulted in my husband eating it.

I told them to put the box back. My husband suggested that we try it again. That evening, instead of dinner, my little boy wanted the cereal. He wanted it with some chocolate milk (don’t ask) and he wolfed it down.

I know that kids’ tastebuds change and I’m often told with kids to try things many times. I was surprised on this occasion. Was it the chocolate milk that helped it go down? Probably. He certainly seemed to enjoy it.

As adults, I find that we don’t often try things we don’t like again. Things are rather final. Perhaps that is sometimes a mistake. Why not be more like kids and try again because our tastebuds may have changed too. It could be that we need to find something that goes with it and hey presto, we’ve found a new winning combination. 

I remember things I used to dislike but now like, for example olives, beetroot or kimchi. It can even be experiences like public speaking or riding a rollercoaster. Next time you have the opportunity to try something out, even if you didn’t like it before, give it a go. 

What are you willing to give another go?