At the end of a long week, it’s easy to sit down with crisps, chocolate and gummy bears in front of a movie. You tell yourself you deserve it. Does this sound familiar to you?

I’ve been there. I know I don’t need it but there’s something rather comforting about it, whether I admit it or not. They say that certain emotions can trigger emotional eating. Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. I know that tiredness is definitely one of my triggers. If I have a bad night’s sleep, the next day, all the naughty snacks call my name.

How about you? Where do you find yourself eating emotionally? When you are annoyed, frustrated or stressed out? When you are waiting for something or bored? You find yourself eating more at a certain time of day, month or year. 

Why is that? There are often many reasons behind this. It is often a combination of events and feelings associated with eating. Your subconscious mind reminds you of these and you start to replicate them. 

Danna Levy Hoffmann and I are offering our popular Stop Emotional Eating webinar. This time it will be an online Zoom webinar hosted by Julie Blume from Our Happy Place. 

Find out why you eat emotionally and what you can do about it. Join us for this free webinar at 9.30 – 10.30 CET on the 10th May 2021. You can register here.