At the end of this week I have my quarterly family offsite with my husband. It’s a regular event for us that we both look forward to. When we first started, it was a whole day event but nowadays, we can normally cover what we want to cover in just a few hours. 

It typically starts with reviewing how the last quarter went, giving each area a rating. We then go on brainstorming what’s on our mind, usually involving family matters, professional matters and any personal goals we may have. We break the time into Pomodoro sessions so that we stay on track, and we pick 3 goals we would like to work on for the next three months.

Taking time to plan our next 3 months saves us a lot of time in the long run. This is because:

  • We take the time away from our everyday life for what is important.
  • We clear away clutter – deciding what we are not going to work on is as important as what to work on.
  • Accountability – discussing it with someone so that we hold one another accountable
  • We commit to 3 goals and put them up on our wall to remind ourselves.

Would you also like to get clear on what you are working on and set 3 goals for the next quarter? I invite you to join Edson Williams and myself for our free 3 months 3 goals workshop. Our next one is on the 27th June – find out more here: https://www.selinamankarlsson.ch/3-months-3-goals/