Are you okay with Dyson hand-dryers? I think most people don’t mind them. Unless you’re a small kid. In which case, they can be super loud and rather scary! My little boy has avoided public toilets with them as far back as I can remember.

I once met a family who had encountered the same problem. Instead of avoiding these, they went one step further, they purchased an old one and installed it in their home. Talk about facing your fears! They practiced and practiced until their child was comfortable with it.

I just took my little boy to see the doctor and the doctor wanted to check his ears with an ear thermometer. He refused and it took me a good 10 minutes or so before I could get a reading. When the doctor pulled out her stethoscope, there was no problem, she could check what she wanted without my little boy complaining. I realised it was because when we play “doctors” at home, we play with a stethoscope so he was used to it.

After this visit, straight away, I took a leaf out of the other’s family’s book and went out and bought exactly the same ear thermometer. We’re going to add it to the doctors play. By facing his fears now, I predict that we will save ourselves a lot of pain in the future with doctor’s visits.

What are you afraid of? And how can you face it in an easier way?

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