“Grab something that brings you joy”

Recently I was invited to a “Let’s celebrate what we have achieved” Zoom meeting by a lady who is a member of one of the mastermind groups I belong to. As this mastermind is based in the United States, these meetings are often around 9 or 10pm for me. It’s rather late for me but I enjoy seeing the ladies so I joined and I am glad I did. There were about 8 of us.

She had us break the ice with some fun games. The first was giving us 30 seconds to draw our favourite outdoor activity and sharing it with the group. I drew three little stick figures hiking up a hill with mountains in the background. Most of us had a stick like figures but one of the lady’s drawings was so professional – showing faces around a table sipping wine, it was very impressive.

Then she gave us one minute to find something that gave us joy. I picked up a card that my husband had given me that I have on my desk. It’s a picture of a hummingbird that says (in german) “Doing what you love is freedom, loving what you do is happiness”. Other people showed pictures of loved ones, cards, and toys.

I thought it was a brilliant way to get to know one another at a more personal level. Maybe you can introduce a game into your next Zoom meeting too?