As I sat down to write my blogs for the week, I noticed myself reaching for my iPhone. It was a split second but I caught myself. My hand literally stopped midair. That was the moment I knew I was putting something off. 

99% of the other times, I would have just continued, grabbed the iPhone and watched whatever series I was watching. But this time, I stopped and took a deep breath instead. I knew I was avoiding writing. 

I am doing an Emotion Code certification at the moment. The Emotion Code is a method that releases trapped emotions. I checked myself to see if I had any trapped emotions around writing my blog and not surprisingly, there were some. When I realised this, I started releasing them. What came up didn’t surprise me.

When I left my corporate job around 10 years ago, the emotion of Fear showed up a lot even though I had chosen to leave the job myself. This was still trapped and hadn’t been fully processed so I was glad to let go of it. Around the same time, there were also the emotions Dread and Lost. There was another trapped emotion Creative Insecurity that came up way back early on in my corporate career as well. It’s amazing what we hold on to. 

After releasing these emotions, I sat down and started writing this blog. I didn’t feel the need to reach for my iPhone. Whenever you find yourself having that moment of awareness, that is gold, because then you can make a different choice.

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